16 January 2008

The Greatest Story Ever Told (Today) (By Me)

So this evening, I loaded myself into the car, ready to go out and procure for myself the cigarettes which I cannot seem to want to quit these days. On the way to get cash, I happened to see two figures walking in the dark. With a gas can. I pulled over and asked if they needed a ride. As it turns out, Chris (I think) and Noah (son) certainly could use a ride. 6 year old Noah had forgotten his coat this morning, and dad ran out of gas 3 trafficky blocks from the gas station. Factor in 11° F and little kid legs, and it was to be a sad night. So the bug saved the day.

After Karma's glorious nod in my direction (and my receptive response due to my rare proclivity to be nice to strangers), I decided to go back for cash, not only for ciggies, but also for a celebratory Red Stripe and some lotto tickets. If things work out for me, I could soon be giving my total gym to the needy as I hire a personal trainer and vegan chef (because I think chefs might know how to make healthy food Flint-friendly).

So, dear Chris and Noah, even if I don't win the lotto, I will be thinking of you as I smoke and drink and work out on my CNIoT.


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