30 April 2012

The Life and Times of a Bi-Level

Once, decades ago, there was raised a bi-level. This bi-level was like most other bi-levels, but he was more homely. He had some bi-level acquaintances, but no good friends, because everyone hated him. He was ugly. When his slum-lord owner finally gave up on him, he lived alone for almost a year. He was beside himself, or more properly, he was above and below himself, as that is the way of bi-levels.

When at last he was discovered by naive bi-level coveters, he thought his strife could finally be over, and that he would be loved and cared for. But the bi-level continued to be despised and looked down upon, for he was ugly. And not at all well-built. One day he got some different floors, and he thought that it might make him happy, for a while. He soon realized that it only made him want more new floors, and that he would never be happy until all his floors were new. Knowing that his owners worked slowly, if at all, he resigned himself to continued solitude.


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