13 February 2009

Things I've Decided

1. OK Computer is better than Kid A.
2. Whenever I compare myself to people who are younger and more successful than I, I will feel like crap, but if they're older, it's no problem.
3. Taco Bell is hands-down the best fast food.
4. Mexican and donuts are the best ethnic foods.
5. Indian is also up there with the best of 'em.
6. I'm hungry, and I might run for the border even though there is fresh pizza in the fridge.
7. Riley can rock the gangsta smack, but I fail miserably and embarrassingly.
8. I HATE it when songs have a name in them, because I can't imagine myself being sung to.
9. Lists are fun.


Anonymous straight up mack said...

who knew we had so much in common?
taco bell rocks
ok computer - check
you totally rock the
gangsta diary entry don't give up


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