05 December 2008

My Day in Couplet

This is how my day has gone
A play-by-play is writ' in song

I woke at nine, or thereabouts
To good dog's whine, and neighbors' shouts

The dogs were fed, but I was not
Barely was the coffee hot

The dungeon beaconed me downstairs
To ease my thoughts, and calm my cares

The TV showed me OJ's pain
Ron Goldman's fam might have champagne

The little bean attacked askance
The bigger dogs did not advance

And then I heard dear Facebook call
There is no help, I'm in its thrall

I finally stopped to clean the house
Alas, I found the poo of mouse

It's likely that I soon will die
The plague! The farm I well could buy

In my last days I'll make homemade
Sweet and tart: cherry limeade.


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Ha ha. Bzzz. Goodbye.