15 November 2008

On Hating the Return of Winter

So, Flint and I just watched The Cube. Annoying, yet disturbing. Basically just a bunch of assholes climbing around rooms and trying not to get sprayed with acid or dropped into oblivion by other assholes. What does this have to do with winter? A couple of things, actually. First, upon finishing the movie, Flint immediately settled (his brain) for a (long winter's) nap, possibly with visions of sugarplums dancing in his head. You see, we were watching a movie at noon because it is too goddamn cold for me to go out and finish the yard work. Not only that, but because it's too cold to be outside, it's also too cold to open the windows for fresh air, thereby avoiding the sitting-in-a-lit-cigarette-in-the-dungeon-of-the-bi-level-atmosphere.
Yes, the season is upon us yet again, when I spend months bitching about how much I hate winter, bitchily blogging about how much I hate winter, and just hating winter. We had our first snow a couple of days ago. About 1/4 inch--just enough to make me hate winter again and feel sorry for sending the bean out for a tinkle. Enough to make her hide a tinkle from me. Ugh. Precious, but disgusting.

And don't even get me started on Christmas. I'm fucking canceling it.

Fucking brown grass brown trees nasty dirty roads cold nose cold feet cold head cold fingers dry forced air heat spiders all the fuck over inside because they die outside no cute snakies in the garden no flowers no sitting on the deck in the afternoon no eating outside fucking season.


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I'm with you on this.


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