24 October 2008

Quicksand and Sinkholes on the Career Path

Scary shit, that job-hunting--even the thought of it sends me running for the Lorazepam. I mean, who is excitedly pacing the room, waiting for me to graduate so s/he can pay me generously to use my intricately-honed skills in analysis of literature? Who is looking for me, begging for me, dreaming of me? I've considered a few options for my impending post-graduate job search:

1) Stay in/Go back to school. This entails more debt, and my student loans runneth over as it is.
2) Have some babies. Unappealing, but it would sure solve the problem, at least temporarily.
3) Succumb to entry-level sales and watch my soul slowly wither into a shadow of its former glory. Get used to Cup-a-Soup (TM).

And then came the epiphany. Some background first, however. Perhaps the main reason I love my blog so much (aside from the fact that I get to talk about myself all the time without the usual "conversation means you have to listen to me too, Bug" bullshit) is that I've made links to a bunch of my favorite places to play (procrastinate). No one has commented on them, but I assume I have many converts to Failblog, PostSecret, and especially the fun map stuff (it's awesome and if you don't like it you suck you stupid loser). I particularly love the A&L Daily. It's like the NPR of the internet--a kind of snooty intellectual site on which I can spend hours at a time. And having all these links on my blog makes it easy for me to make the rounds after I check out what I've been up to lately (damn, I sprained my ankle! I bet that hurt like a mo' fo'!) .

And now my discovery: thanks to iNPR, I have found my calling: writing term papers for other people. It's gonna be awesome.


Anonymous Catnip said...

Ah, to be free of conscience. Cool.


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