07 July 2008

Louisville Vice

Or, rather, lack thereof. Through 2 days free of cigarettes, coffee, and beer, my only drug has been Advil and some sort of decongestant/sleeping pill thing. I finally shook the fever, and I'm happy to report I'm down to 98.4°. Things are draining out nicely, and I look forward to standing on my feet for periods in excess of 15 seconds again soon.

Amongst other insights born of feverish delirium, I have made the discovery of a nighttime whilst bedridden this weekend: I'm gonna buy me a new mattress, and ain't nobody gonna tell me otherwise.


Anonymous Catnip said...

Haven't you bought, like, four mattresses in the last year?

Oh, and I'll be ignoring the above post.

Anonymous flint said...

read my lips.. NO MORE MATTRESSES


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