10 June 2008

This is Back-Breaking Work

Sleeping, that is. You see, about a year ago Flint and I invested in a new bed, because the one we had was too soft and not supportive enough for Flint. While I found it snugly and delightful, Flint was absurdly irritated with "comfort," and so we went and got ourselves a nice firm rock. I then attempted to save my nights by purchasing a foam mattress topper. Happy again, I delighted in my peaceful nights. Flint rebelled. Now we are at odds again. The topper gone, neither of us is sleeping peacefully. While this is unfortunate for me, it makes Flint into the Grump Monster. Now is not the time to affectionately refer to him as Violet, much as I would like to. So once again, we consider spending any and all superfluous income on another mattress that may or may not please us both. The other option is to get 2 different twin mattresses and put them together. Or get an air bed. Or sleep in different rooms (ahem).


Blogger Hoban Family said...

Sleep Number dual chamber? Lots of $$$ but worth it in the end??? Just a thought.

Blogger Shannon said...

Hobanita beat me to it. The first thing I thought of was Lindsay Wagner and her Sleep Number bed. Unless Apple makes a mattress. The iBed?


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