05 May 2008

Dear G-Dub,

Violet and I (yes, I am resurrecting 'Violet,' Flint just doesn't have the same metaphorical power) agreed that I could use your tax rebate check to pay for my summer classes. He gets a new iPod and a trip to England (ally), and I get 2 months of work and enlightenment. I think you would approve of my courses: Scandinavian Drama (and who couldn't use more drama in his life?), and--get this--The Criminal as Hero. No joke. But that is neither here nor there. And also what is not here is that check. Classes start in a week and I'll be damned if I can pay for it any other way, and I really don't want to drop the semester. I get a free bus pass. It's awesome. Yah, I know, you get a free 767 or whatever. But still.



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