06 April 2008

Just What You Wanted to Hear

It is a new moon, and I have my period! I am so in touch with the cycles of the moon. I am also using the heat from my computer's processor to ease my cramps. It works. I work. On my paper. Dostoevsky, tragedy, Romanticism, Byronic heroes, all kinds of good stuff. The D man is so awesome. 4 more weeks of school. Can she do it?


Blogger Hoban Family said...

Yes she can! (spoken in the rhyme of Bob the Builder!)

Anonymous Baron Von Cantread said...

four weeks?
back in my day we had to go to school in China for fifty years, uphill, and we didn't have shoes.

Good Luck Bug! when's the party going to be?

Blogger Bug said...

May 10th, at the bi-level. Oh yah. With the Baron as the special guest of honor, incidentally. The actual graduation party in December will be at Mile High stadium, as this is the only venue large enough to hold my many fans.


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