14 April 2008

4:30: Ah, screw it

I'm up this late, I might as well fuckin proofread my finished paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upon reflection, I am making a mental note to remember that three pages takes seven hours with procrastination (a bug needs a break now and then), while sleeping is what should take seven hours (at a minimum); instead I will be sleeping two hours--if I fall asleep quickly. I sometimes actually count sheep, if you were wondering. Baaaaa. Bzzzzz.


Blogger Jenny said...

I am a huge procrastinator as well. I don't get serious about anything until in the very end. :/ And then I get pretty serious and don't sleep during the last nights.
I guess I am an adrenaline junkie.

I count sheep too, when I can't sleep. Baaah :)


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