04 April 2008

2 AM: Mission Accepted


Yes, my darling cupcakes, I am two unbelievably awesome paragraphs into a 5-page paper. Now, this may seem wildly insignificant to you (unsignificant to the Baron, perhaps), but to me, that means ONE PAGE. Yes, that's right. A paragraph in BugLand should be approximately a half a page. That's what you do in college. Write long fancy paragraphs. You should go sometime. You learn stuff.

Anyway, what also you may not believe is that not 4 hours ago, I had given up on this noble project and commenced drinking beer. So, in fact I am writing what may turn out to be my masterpiece, relying on spell check and my trusty thesaurus to keep me in check, at 2 in the morning, a few beers in, and wondering how often I can break for smizzies without breaking my stride. Class is at nine, and coffee will be made by four; acclaim, bouquets, and adulation should be penciled into your schedule promptly.

I shall keep you updated.

In the event I do complete this mission, there will be a party at the bi-level on Saturday. Only loyal reader(s?) are invited to attend.

In the event I do not complete this mission, I will go to bed.

Apropos nothing: My bean is lying on her back, with her nose in the air. Life as a dog in this bi-level is a topic I hope to conquer this summer, not as an observer, but as a joiner. I know there's a great joke about heavy petting in there somewhere, but it'll have to wait till later.


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