14 February 2008

A Popular Misconception: Nietzsche vs. FOX

Last night Flint and I put ourselves through the unmistakable atrocity that is The Moment of Truth. I assure you, my darlings, that it was a one-time error, the pain of which I fear will endure through the ages. But I digress. The point I would like to make is that this horrifying prime-time brain-bastardizer bases a person's redemptive value on his truthfulness. As I reflect on the probability that most people value the Truth as one of humanity's greatest virtues, I must declare that I wholeheartedly disagree with this assumption, and not just in the case of the beloved 'little white lie.'

Which is not to say that I have pathological tendencies toward lying (or truthfulness for that matter). However, I would like to quote everyone's favorite atheist here when I say that "There is no pre-established harmony between the furthering of truth and the well-being of humanity."

Am I advising you to go out into the world and make shit up for the hell of it? No. Perhaps. But I am advising you to go out into the world and believe in an afterlife, the inherent goodness of people, or whatever else floats that boat of yours. Pshaw. Hell cupcakes, don't sell yourselves short. Believe in whatever sails your yachts. You, my darlings, are the sea dogs of existentialism. Oh yes. Sail on.


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