05 February 2008

An Ode to Riley

Wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
That big old damn bed is right here waiting for you.
And if you take it away,
I'll give you a table
So if you want to sit, you-oooo-'ll be able.

-Bug "Richard" Marx


Blogger Riley said...

Dear Bug,
Upon reading you ode I was filled with many emotions and very nearly shed a tear. My heart swelled with pride and admiration as I tried to think of the perfect comment. Using my utmost abilities and command of the language here's what I came up with -

Um, thanks?

Yours Truly,
Sir Riley of the Mountain
I would have sent money, but the bills kept getting stuck in disk drive.

Blogger Bug said...

Yah, I guess you could pay me to keep this bed. Your other options are as follows: come get the damn thing, or come up and bask in the warm glow of its fire. Your call.

Blogger Riley said...

burn baby burn

Blogger Shannon said...

I'm glad you guys understand each other. I had no idea what this was about before the comments.


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