14 February 2008

Happy VD. No reason to be ashamed.

One suspicious mole (all mine).

One movable mole (thanks, MGM) who has gone the way of the buffalo.

One Valentine's Day in which my doctor refused to make a heart-shaped cut despite a heartfelt (get it? ha!) request.

One damn needle-full of lidocaine poking the fuck out of my back so I wouldn't feel the pain of the inquisitive scalpel, and its partner, sewing needle.

Two days without (having the all-clear to take) a shower.

One set of smooshed boobies due to lying on my stomach for an hour while someone else had an emergency.

Seven lucky stitches.

Oh yah. Is 7 enough to brag? Is 28 (years of age) too many to brag?


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