05 January 2008

Things I Learned Today

Drinking beer and watching Anthony Bourdain is fun.

Cutting your own hair at 2 AM sometimes seems like a good idea, especially if you have been drinking beer.

Cutting your own hair at 2 AM is not actually a good idea, because cutting your own hair starts fun but then deteriorates into a chopping frenzy.

Chopping frenzies do not turn scissors into magical un-cutters.

Hair takes up less room on a head than it does in a sink.

I do not have any grey hairs yet.

Hats and bandannas are good investments in self-confidence.

I should pay for haircuts.


Blogger Hoban Family said...

This I have to see!

Blogger Riley said...

where is the photo that goes with this post??

Anonymous Daniel said...

So I was reading The Bohemian Manifesto last night -- although, Lord knows, I'm about as Bohemian as Ward Cleaver -- when I came upon the following passage. It reminded me of your blog:

"Even Bohemians have bad hair days...after three or four glasses of wine they start cutting their bangs, trimming sideburns or cleaning up the goatee with a straight razor. Bohemians may also shave their head or shave patterns on an already short cut. This usually takes a lot more than wine."

Glad to see you're, er, doing well, Miss Bug!

Blogger Bug said...

Daniel Cleaver has a nice ring to it, actually.


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