11 December 2007

Lazy Hits a New High

I'm hungry, but I'm too lazy to eat anything. Even pre-packaged snack foods are too much work. Ordering a pizza proved beyond exhausting just thinking about it. I could barely pour myself a glass of water before retiring to the bedroom. If someone offered to feed me in bed, someone else would have to offer to prop me up before I would accept. Oh yes, this is lazy.

A quick side note to the Nip: I am reading in bed, thank you very much.


Anonymous The Wonderous McBoog aka senor lots'a yo aka killa sandwich aka burrito slappin' PIMPMOBILE said...

you wash yourself with a rag on a stick - have a chocolate covered get the hell up you lazy bastard

Anonymous Catnip said...

Wow. I hesitate to attempt to say anything of import after McBoog's post. Although I'm glad to hear you were reading (and apparently see me as Big Brother - how ironic), I'm suspicious as to how much reading was actually accomplished, considering your state. Hope springs eternal.

Anonymous on top of old smokey said...

not too lazy to blog I hope?!?!?

Anonymous Bimbo McRubberhat said...

Amazing how you can read and blog simulateously!


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