27 December 2007

Deadly Bean Botulism, or, Curse of the Were-Bot

If my camera had not gone the way of the buffalo, I would be able to post for you the newest injury sustained by me at the mouth of my little BeanBot. So imagine, if you will, two tiny puncture wounds just below and to the right of my thumb's lower knuckle. At first I thought the little Bean had vampiric tendencies, but upon reflection I have decided that her blood-lust is driven purely by a desire to maim me, rather than her need for sustenance, which seems adequately met by the quantity of Nutro Natural Choice Dental Care Dog Food which I allot her daily. After this incident, however, I am thinking of switching her to canned food in an effort to rot those sharp little spikes of fury right out of her mouth.


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Ha ha. Bzzz. Goodbye.