13 November 2007

Mr. Pants and the JazzBot: A One-Way Love Story

Once upon a time, in a bi-level far far away, there lived a crazy Jack Russell and a black black beautiful boy lab mix. After a few years of living in relative peace, they were joined by a new model: the JazzBot 4000. When the new JazzBot moved into the bi-level, she was greeted warmly by the CJR and the B₄LM, but all too soon, the warm greeting turned into an unhealthy obsession on the part of the B₄LM, for the JazzBot 4000 was a fully functional model, while both the B₄LM and the CJR had been modified for lower performance. This caused the B₄LM extreme dejection, for he too wanted to be fully functional, and this desire to be "a real boy" was awakened when the JazzBot began to display her additional features.

Unfortunately, the JazzBot 4000 was not programmed to accept input from older, obsolete models, and accordingly dismissed the B₄LM advances. This led to a localized, but near fatal malfunction in the B₄LM: a short circuit in his central processing unit, which was manifested by tremors and strange sounds. As a much newer model, the JazzBot was unaccustomed to seeing crucial hardware in such a dilapidated state, and frankly, was appalled.

The situation, rather than resolving itself, continued to deteriorate until the B₄LM was barely functional, and had to be put out of service and taken to a makeshift sick bay in the bowels of the bi-level. It was a sad day for the B₄LM, but the JazzBot and the CJR continued to flourish, and soon learned to operate independently of the B₄LM, waiting for the day that he would be repaired and could rejoin them.

The End.


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