20 November 2007

How to Test Your Limits, Part I: Cooking Skills

Offer, and subsequently attempt to make a brined turkey. Shudder in terror as you realize that you have never actually had anything to do with the turkey before you opened your big mouth. Find a $3 styrofoam cooler at the liquor store instead of springing for a $150 pot. Line it with plastic trash bags, sticky wrap, or whatever seems clever 2 beers into the process. Rig it with that cool weird shiny silver tape that is meant for insulation (since you couldn't find the "if you can't duck it, fuck it" tape), so that the cooler will not fall apart in the refrigerator overnight. Appreciate the irony of not actually saying "fuck it," since you couldn't, in fact, duck it. Hope for the best.


Anonymous Mama Marje...aka Crazy Brit Grandmother of Isabella and Giuliana said...

Brining is wonderful, when are you serving because I will be there!

Blogger Bug said...

Well, we usually laugh about sitting down at 11, plan on eating at 2, and end up eating around 9. Your guess is as good as mine.


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