09 September 2007

Puppy Post: I Want One. That Sucks.

So, I have had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that if this is to be a blog about my life, I should relate the biggest things that go on in it. So, here goes. MF had heart surgery. That sucked. Then my mom died, and that sucked even worse. Then, to deal, I started smoking again, and then I started drinking a lot, and that all sucked. Then MF had to have another surgery, and that sucked again, except that he is probably fixed this time, and that doesn't suck.

Now comes the kicker. One day, a few weeks ago, MF shows up after work with a freaking little chihuahua. Gross out. I hate little dogs, and this one was toothless and hairless and her tongue fell out of her mouth all the time because there were no teeth to hold it in. Totally pathetic. But then she grew on me. I took her to class with me, and she slept on my lap. And then I ruined untold days and nights by giving her away. What the hell I was thinking, I don't know. I was an idiot. But I couldn't get her back, even when I cried and asked and pleaded and all that. It so totally sucked.

So now, a month later, I'm still not over it, and have become neurotic (I looked up the definition of OCD and I literally qualify now) and am constantly looking on the web for a chihuahua. As if getting another one will replace the one I so stupidly gave away. But maybe it would...

So. Then I decided a puppy would be ok, even if it wasn't a toothless hairless mongrel. MF says stop it Bug, you had your chance. And then I feel like crap all over again. Feeling like crap sucks.

To dull my pain, I registered for 18 credits this semester. That sucks. I got sick this weekend with a dizzying head cold, and that sucks twofold: first, it sucks, and secondarily, I'm getting behind in my reading because of it. So, 2 weeks in, and I'm in danger of failing out of school. All because of a dog. Go figure.

PS. Flint also said no to a triplicate of comic guinea pigs too, but Carmen would probably eat them, and that would suck, so I guess that's fair.


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