16 September 2007

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bus Stop

I was fidgeting, as I am wont to do, spinning my awesome little spinny device which I inherited (claimed) from my mother's personal keychain. This caused me to drop my keys. I picked them up. Unbeknownst to me, I had disconnected the ring which holds the two things I hold most dear to me (after the spinny device): my house key, and my bottle opener.

I realized this only later, when I had to break into my house. Anyway, thinking that all was lost (well, not all, just my key), Flint lamented that we would have to change the locks. Ok, more like scolded. But that is beside the point.

After a cursory walk along the street where I believed to have dropped my keys, I chalked it up to another mad MF. And then, on a second, slightly more deliberate walk, I discovered something I can only describe as stupefying: I found my key, gently set aside in the dirt near the bus stop, far from where I had dropped my key.

The bottle opener was gone. Some kind soul who clearly needed a beer more than I had stolen my bottle opener, yet preserved my household security. It renews my faith in humanity, and in the altruism-inducing powers of beer. Absolutely astonishing.


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