25 July 2007

Someday, my cupcakes, I will tell you about the time...

I had an unfortunate incident on the water slide. But in the meantime, here for you is everything you ever wanted to know about my mouth, but were afraid to ask! And don't think I won't delete any vulgar comments you feel compelled to make. Now go play feed the head or something.


Anonymous chumpzilla 3000 said...

i know the story about the slide. it's not as exciting as what she's making out to be; dangling it there like a prize.

Blogger Bug said...

Chumpzilla--if in fact that is your real name--until your teeth go flying to the bottom of the pool after leaving a bite mark in the fiberglass, and are rescued by a naked man and stored in a jar of milk that ultimately does nothing to keep them from dying, and then have the empty shells forced back into your gums while the doctor tells you about how he told his son whom you know from school about your unfortunate acccident, kindly, fuck off! xoxo


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