05 July 2007

E.T. ... Phone Home!

Evasive telephone, that is. Missing again. I have conviction that I can clean my way to it, this weekend, post-final. Oh, that anthropology business? Um... yeah. So... well... yeah.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello tiny bug. I was planning on calling you tonight. Did you find your phone? If not, you should use Matt's phone and call me! I miss hearing your sweet voice! I'm such a poop because I made you a mixed CD weeks ago and it's still sitting on my desk. At this point I think I'll just wait and send it to you with your birthday presents. I love you!!!

your bestest friend in the universe

Blogger Bug said...

My mix is cooler than your mix but I can never tell you so because I don't know how to call you. Since I lost my phone and all. You see. Phones suck. I love you!!! xoxoxo

And all my other wonderful fans of course. Please send money.


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