18 July 2007


My first B. Shame. Embarrassment. Impetus for change. First off, let me say that there are many, many monkeys. Next, let me say, that I like monkeys. They are cute. They have stink fights (ok, those are lemurs, not monkeys, but still, it's funny). But they are hard to keep categorized. However, pure biology is not so funny. And not so differential. All of these monkeys do the whole replication/protein synethsis business. Therefore, I have just rocked my first ANTH 2 test. Observe and be awed.

In other news. Flint and I have scheduled our quit date. Like I've said, smoking is for suckers unless you're my boyfriend, and of course, Flint is not my boyfriend, he is the love of my life, my sneaky secret lover, my adventuring partner, my husband. Which means, he is a sucker. As am I. We shall quit together.

I gots me a keeper, my cupcakes.


Blogger Hoban Family said...

I agree dear bug, smoking is for suckers and you have found yourself a keeper. Best of luck with both! :)

Anonymous sir osis of liver said...

along the lines of "only users lose drugs" is quitters never win or sum' shit - suck up the B quitter


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