14 June 2007

June 14, 2007: The Cool List

1. Walking to school and realizing that my legs are getting strong again (uphill both ways!).
2. Single-handedly fixing the lawnmower (add gas and go!).
3. Mowing the lawn (man, that's green!).
4. Listening to the wind mistake my half-drunk beer for a woodwind (is that Moonlight Sonata?).
5. Checking out my rosy glow (#%@#$# yard work).
6. Making you wait for the "after" picture (haha, suckers!).

That pretty much covers it for now.


Anonymous JH said...

Although I do think Moonlight Sonata should be on your cool list, I question whether the wind could really pull off that haunting tone.
Welcome back.
Where the hell is my after?

Anonymous Cleaval Rudd said...

I said post sumptin new - not be the queen of all freakin blogs - aww, jus messin - keep up the gud wrk

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! You figured out the whole lawnmower thingy all by your lonesome? Was that before or after I put gas in your lawnmower, started it and mowed your f'n tall grassland?


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