19 June 2007

Darwin in the Modern Day

Natural selection and adaptive radiation interpreted for your intellectual development: From one organism, people diverged into different species. Through the mechanism of natural selection (survival of the fittest!), some became adapted to living in condominiums, some to single-family homes, and some to patio homes. A few even thrived in apartments. A more primitive species were able to survive in the harshest conditions--the bi-levels. Since there are more people in need of homes than can actually survive in a bi-level, only those organisms with the traits most adapted to the bi-level environment--for instance, the ability to decide upon entering whether to go up or down the stairs--will be able to survive in a bi-level. While these are the most specialized of the species, they are also the most insane. (Latin name: Homo stupidus erraticus.)

You will not be tested on this. Because that would be stupid.


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