12 May 2007

You're So Anal

My darling blackest boy in the world (Puck) had quite an experience this morning. As he's been licking his ass for approximately 2 weeks now, I decided to take my Pants in for a check-up. He doesn't mind going to the vet, as the nice doctor--the wonderfully understated Dr. Bender--always gives him treats after, say, sticking a gloved, lubed hand up his ass and squeezing the foul muddy liquid out of his plugged anal glands.

He's on antibiotics for a week and has to have a follow-up in 2.

I am not letting him lick me, and this has put a strain on our relationship.


Blogger Hoban Family said...

Poor Pants. Blow him a kiss for us.

Anonymous Catnip said...

Are you going to work that maneuver into your good dog-mommy routine now?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My darling blackest Leo Kitty has a recurring problem of plugged anal glands. My vet tried to show me how to sqeeze them myself to save on the cost of bringing him in every month. After one try that was as equally traumatizing for the both of us (well, maybe him alittle more so) I decided to leave the anal sqeezing to the pros. Wow. That might be the strangest sentence I ever wrote. Tell Mr. Pants his aunty from Michigan Loves him and his blackness. Carmen too!


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