22 May 2007

Revisiting the Theory

Dirty house + motivation juice = Clean house.

It's actually more of a hypothesis, but this is a literary blog, not a science blog, so who cares? What we do care about, however, is that life vomited on my bi-level, and I am embarking on a motivation juice-inspired cleaning frenzy. Puck is concerned. Carmen is annoyed. I am cautiously optimistic that I can achieve my goals before either of 2 things happen:

1) Flint gets home to interrupt and tell me to turn down the Led Zeppelin before I have finished.
2) The motivation juice gets the better of me and I have to tell the vacuum to keep it down, my head hurts.


Anonymous Catnip said...

So........? Which MJ did you choose and how did it work?

Anonymous Dr. Spankenstien said...

Motivation Juice - sounds similar to liquid courage - have fun with that


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