26 May 2007

Blogging Is for Chumps

I have been advised that I am a big nerd for blogging. Nerd power! Flint is recovering fine. His near brush with death has given him a whole new outlook on life: he has decided to give me multiple foot rubs daily, make me dinner nightly, and just generally worship me. Nerds need lovin' too, you see.


Blogger Hoban Family said...

Welcome to the club!

Blogger Robert said...

only a chump would think you were a chump for blogging! thanks for stealing my word, btw.

Anonymous Munkie VonRubbsalot said...

OMG - WTF post sumpin' new already - else I gadda post sum shiz about muthinfukin toenail clippings that look like Jeebus!! Seriously!


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