16 April 2007

Things That Make Me Happy

1. My dogs. They're funny.
2. My husband. He's good-lookin'.
3. Dragging furniture around. It's fulfilling.
4. A good poo. It's just good.
5. Cleaning. Not so much the act, but the result. Or maybe the other way around, depending on whether it's cocktail-induced or guilt-induced.
6. Summer nearing. Cold sucks.
7. Good friends. They're nice.
8. New appliances. I live in suburbia, it's kind of required.
9. Sleeping in. Yeah baby.
10. Being 2 posts away from my 400th post.

In no particular order of course. Pictures unavailable, and in a least one case, inappropriate.


Anonymous pooptastic said...

my shit play is finally wearing off on ya'


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