07 April 2007

On Coming Home

1. What Is That Smell?

It's the strange carpet funk that the previous family (read: slum-lord-hand-picked-pot-growing renters) bestowed upon the poo-brown, 28 year-old polyester flooring. Funk, I missed you.

2. What Is That Bottle?

That's the Stella I so very moderately didn't drink before I left, waiting stoically, doggedly, devotedly for my eventual return to the bi-level. Stella, I drink you.

3. What Is that Little Brown/Black/White Running Thing?

She's the Eemis! You know, that sweet little Jack Russel terrier I so graciously adopted from my ex, and who missed frolicking raucously around the house, having been forced to mind her manners (well as she can) in her grampy's house. Carmen, I play with you.

4. What is That Wide-Open Space?

That's the product of the brilliance I exercised when, having returned for a day last Monday for Flint to attend a meeting and for Flint and me to file taxes, I cleaned. Sommen to that. Vacuum, I used you.

5. What Is That Relief?

That's the combination of 1) being glad to get out of the way of my family, who had grown extrememly tired of both being tired of me and having to pretend they weren't tired of me, 2) being glad for my mom, who saw through to the end a life being loved, appreciated, and admired, and 3) realizing that I've got a hell of a husband, a hell of a family, a hell of a group of friends, and a hell of a life. Mom, Dad, Flint, Family, Friends, I love you.

Life, I love you.


Anonymous Catnip said...

Yay! A good decision, huh? xoxo!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't know how happy you just made me. You have a self awareness that is wonderful and rare. Don't ever forget how much you are loved. How could anyone not love a bug as tiny and sweet as you?


And I like your choice in beer. I've been on a Stella kick lately.


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