03 April 2007

Dear Mom

I wanted to write you a lullaby
And let you drift away.
But the words wouldn’t come to me
And you said you couldn’t stay.

Now you say you’re leaving though our lives are intertwined,
And I understand that you must leave all us behind.
Yet still I’ve got this feeling that you’ll never be alone
You’re simply on your way back to your stellar, starry home.

You gave us one last smile from your knowing, honest eyes
So now we can pretend it’s you when we look to the skies.
Fy away, sweet Gwennie, and spare us all goodbyes.
Dance away to heaven, where time stands still and no one cries.

So go now, don’t you linger, don’t wonder, hesitate
Don’t look back to lives you’ve lived or things you’ve left undone
Boldly make the journey you’ve so recently begun
And mom, we understood
You were always right--the universe is unfolding as it should.


Anonymous JH said...

I'm sorry I couldn't be there with Anna today, but I'm thinking about you guys.
Take care and we'll see you soon.

Anonymous jackie said...

You did a beautiful job reading the poems for your mom today. Take care Hillary.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you.


Blogger Jennhink said...

Sorry I could not be at the funeral, your family is in my thoughts and prayers.


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