09 April 2007


I need your advice, my little darlings. I have miraculously erased BOTH my iPod and my entire music library. So, since my musical life is highly digital (oft as I jam the AP's old vinyl) (AP= Aging Parent in British), I must now embark on rebuilding my collection. So tell me, if you will, your most cherished musical delights. I may as well expand my horizons whilst I wax poetic on my loss here.


Blogger Hoban Family said...

What happened to the poo poem? I am not going to bother with my musical suggestions, I wouldn't want you to have sore stomach muscles from laughing at me. :)

Blogger Altered Egoist said...

80 gigabytes, 30 plus days of no repeats and you found nothing??? I guess this just enforces our radical differences. I suggest Bananarama!

Blogger Bug said...

Ok, first to Anna. I'm so sorry I cannot let Phil Collins into my heart. And to AG. Time was of the essence. I had to flee. I hope to scam some great tunes off of you soon.

And to everyone else, please tell me your best, most loved favorites.

Anonymous JH said...

Before I tell you my beloved favorites, would you mind telling me how you managed to delete everything?
Now, for your listening enjoyment, I offer you System of a Down as an appetizer, TOOL as the first course, Metallica is the main entree, and a slice of CAKE for dessert. Here's your ticket; no rush, I'll be your cashier when you're ready.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to make you a mixed CD. Or do you not use those anymore? Now that you conformed to the ipod world. I'm just jealous because I can't afford one. ;-)

oh, this is megan.


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