03 March 2007

A Story of Today

I awake to find my throat sore and my gums bleeding. Great. I forgot to floss last night, and even going to bed at 9 can't make me healthy when all I want to do is gargle venom to spite my throat. It's going on three weeks--an incredibly insignificant amount of time, really--that I've been feeling like the world is spinning faster and faster in an attempt to throw me off. I can't decide if floating inanimately in zero gravity would be an interesting end or just absolutely terrifying. Luckily, logic gets the best of me, and I decide not to worry about it, and instead contemplate the relative merits of going back to bed and going through the medicine cabinet in yet another vain attempt to find a citrus-flavored zinc lozenge. I decide that bed's the place to be, and snuggle in with absolutely nothing but the vague hope that when I wake up, maybe the day won't feel so hopeless.


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Ha ha. Bzzz. Goodbye.