12 March 2007

An Open Note to My One Unrelated-to-Me Fan

You, sir, are my most mysteriously loyal fan. Is fan going to far? Reader, then, perhaps. What is it that brings you back, day after day, to read rant after rant? It surely cannot be the profusion of clich├ęs I employ, nor can it be my recurrent and probably grammatically-incorrect attacks on bad grammar. Whatever your motivation, thank you. I welcome anyone who can put up with the crap I write to read this blog, and it always surprises me when people do so with any regularity.

The reason things have been less cheerful around here lately is because my mom is terminally ill and it's become almost impossible for me to keep up in school, so I'm emotionally stretched to the whatever emotions can get stretched to, not to mention I'm borderline-failing in all my classes. For example, I'm still only 2 paragraphs into a 5-page paper on Descartes that was due last week. But assuming the stress doesn't drive me back to smoking full-time, I'll probably survive. I bet even Homer had to wear the dunce cap once in a while.

So again, thank you for reading and for caring. It's pretty rare that people do much of either, it seems. It means a lot to me.


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