21 February 2007

Bad Grammar Isn't a Sin

Lucky for this feller, too, seeing as how his URL is yourgoingtohell.com. "Your an idiot," I would like to say, but hell is scary, so I won't.

Also, I'd like to send a special shout out to Anna of Happy Family fame, who this very same day chuckled at my blasphemous joke about God hating me paradoxically since (it seems) God doesn't actually exist. Remember, Anna, that Jesus never laughed, and God hasn't had a sense of humor since the OT, when he got a kick out of drowning people.


Anonymous JH said...

Come on, let's give the heathen the benefit of the doubt. Maybe what he is trying to do is describe our trip to hell. You know the show "This is your life?" It's kinda like that, you know, "This is your going to Hell."


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