21 January 2007

Why I Hate Winter Part VII

I am in utter hell. I wanted to visit my mom this weekend since she's sickly, but because I procrastinated a day too long, I am stranded here in my bi-level, with a back too sore from chopping wood 2 nights ago (inspired by miracle motivation juice, obviously) to chop any more wood to keep my sorry ass warm as, for the 10th time this season, it SNOWS. Yes, it's true. What's worse, the first round of evil whiteness (from more than a month ago) hasn't even melted yet. I am so freaking mad. I hate snow. I hate that my mom is sick. I hate that I have a bunch of reading to do by tomorrow night. Even though I like the reading, I still hate that I have to do it. I hate that I have to walk to the bus stop on sidewalks that my asshole neighbors don't shovel. I hate that I can't walk the dogs because they pull on the leash and I slipped and sprained my ankle and now know better than to walk the dogs when it's icy. I hate that my green chile didn't come out very well. All these hates I blame on winter. And snow.


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