19 January 2007

3 Words, Plus Commentary

1. Motivation 2. Juice 3. Works.

This is almost unheard of: Clean kitchen, recycled glass, aluminum, plastic, AND paper (JUNK MAIL GONE!!!), vacuumed living room, laundry in progress, and bed sheets changed. This is not motivation juice, this is miracle juice.


Anonymous Catnip said...

Cool. Where does it come from? Can you get it by the case?

Blogger Hoban Family said...

My guess, Napa CA and yes I believe you can get many cases!!

Anonymous your favorite michigander said...

My first comment on your blog(yes,I do realize it's long overdue). I have the dirty apartment down, but I'm missing the rest of the equation. Send me some of this motivation juice you speak of.

As far as your bedroom set goes, I say go with Cherry Hill. I have no idea what it is...it just sounds sweet...and tiny...like you. Hey, isn't Syracuse a city or a college or something?


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