17 January 2007

21 March 2007

63 Days to the vernal equinox. That means 63 official days of hell, but we all know spring in Colorado doesn't actually start until July.

My next post will be my 350th, so for the love of god, get ready with some congratulatory words, in which, ideally, you include imagery of beachy sandy goodness and perfect little tostadas and ceviche and mini Coronas and boat drinks. You see, this semester is going to beat the crap out of me. Yesterday was my first class, and I already have about 100 pages of reading, as well as a damn paper to write for tomorrow. I just realized how ready I am for graduation, yet how smart I would be to just push it out a semester and take a smaller class load. I will have to discuss this option with Violet, who is counting the days until he can move to the religious capital of the world.

What? You thought I mean Jerusalem? or Mecca? No, you silly darlings, it's Colorado Springs. Where you can condemn gay people AND have sex with them, all while focusing on everyone else's family! What fun!

And so it goes.


Blogger Hoban Family said...

Focus on your own fam damnly!

Blogger Bug said...

My dear, have you forgotten whose blog this is? We encourage foul language, so please remember that in future comments.


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