18 December 2006

One Down, Two to Go

I just got the confirmatioin email, and I quote, "I got it [the paper I sent by email], and was able to open it. You're set. Have a great holiday break, and all the best in the future to you and yours." How Christmassy is that?

So, with that monkey off my back, I now have but 2 papers to write. One for today by 5, one for tomorrow by noon. Then a final at 1:30, and I don't open my computer to check my grades for at least 5 days. I have decided. No checking all the time until they're all sure to be there. A week from today. Monday. Christmas, actually. The day that all things heathen are scorned. Or perhaps, the day heathens celebrate a Christian hoiday just to get the food and presents and stuff.

Until then, I clean my house, play with my dogs, nurse my sanity back to health in preparation for next semester, and, perhaps, paint my bathroom. I have grown tired of it. I'm thinking either mint green or pale (not shy) violet. The color MGM attempted but did not achieve.

But I digress. I have officially completed one class, and I have now two more classes to attend to before I am done. Tomorrow, 5 PM. Done. Finito.


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