01 December 2006

Happy December

I have exactly 18 days until my last final. I have 2 great big papers due at the end. On Monday, I have one great big draft due of one of those great big papers. Two weeks from yesterday, I have my first final. Two weeks from Tuesday, I have my last final. Last semester, I got A's. This semester, I am hoping for B's. I have been very, very lazy, my cupcakes. I am ashamed. I am considering pomogranate martinis for New Year's. I stole the recipe from Carraba's last night. I am a clever girl (said with British accent like the guy on Jurassic Park right before he gets eaten by the raptors).


Blogger Hoban Family said...

Yum, save one for me for sometime around July.

Blogger Bug said...

We'll do a New Year's in July party just for the baby-havers among us, and for those of us who like to drink pomogranate martinis in celebration of new babies and new years.


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