07 November 2006

When in Doubt, Vote Libertarian!

Ha! I took my little darlings--no, not you, cupcakes, the dogs--on a nighttime field trip to the local precinct. It was an outing thoroughly enjoyed (by them). This precinct is headquartered at a local old people kennel and, accordingly, is manned by people older than the dirt in my bi-level, but friendly enough. They were charmed by my well-timed and expertly-delivered name and identification. They were awed by my deftly-completed ballot, and even more so by my precise placement of said ballot in its security envelope.

Meanwhile, outside, the dogs were delightfully well-behaved: I had tied them to a tree, where they sat down and waited for their mama to vote.

It turns out I was not quite as informed as I thought I was. Apparently HGTV, Walter Benjamin, and Riley do not have a lot to offer concerning contemporary and local politics. And so I voted for a variety of (pretty much the same) candidates to create a more equal distribution of my ignorance rather than focusing it on one poor (rich) defenseless party.

I have taken advantage of one of the best things about this fine country: that little sticker they give you after you vote. Voting is a lot like eating shredded wheat. Seriously, I have identified what it is about voting that makes one actually do it: the prospect is wildly unappealing, but when you've finished, you feel a bit better about yourself.


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