10 November 2006

Operation: Heart Surgery

Ha. This is true, but how clever am I? Anyway, Violet's going under the knife. Or to be more precise, Violet's going under the tube. No cracked open ribs, no heart being massaged by bloody hands, just a tube up his leg. This'll teach him to quit having congenital holes in his heart between his atria which cause his blood to flow in two directions at once and make blood clots which give him minor strokes and make him take aspirin every day to prevent a recurrence while he's waiting for heart surgery to close off the hole so it doesn't ever happen again and also to never smoke again because smoking is unhealthy for Violets and other living creatures. (I defy you to say this without taking more than one breath.)

He'll be fine. He. Will. Be. Fine.


Anonymous flint said...

you forgot to mention that I've had the hole in my heart since childbirth, & that the doc has not for sure decided to opt for surgery just yet, my melodramatic wifey.

Anonymous Catnip said...

OK, well that's kind of scary. But at the same time, manageable. And better now than later. As I've said, ad nauseum, not smoking is good for everybody. Wishing you the best, and least knife-y, Violet!

Anonymous flint said...

for all who are interested (so I don't have to keep repeating the gory details) here's a more in-depth diagnosis...

Blogger Riley said...

Ok - as long as he'll be fine. We'll be thinking of you(s).


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