11 July 2007

Hillbug's Favorite Things

Much like Oprah, I have likes. Things which are my favorite things. I have decided to list some of them. In no particular order, yet categorized for your convenience:

Funniest word: shat
Best book: haha. That's a joke. You figure it out.
100-calorie packs: Oreo crisps. Also a joke. Snacking should be a high-caloric foray into diet regression.
Dog: my Pants of course
Video game: Alice
Illicit boyfriend: Tie: Johnny Depp (our love is timeless), Jason Statham (my attraction is inexplicable)
Best pooping circumstances: at home, sudoku puzzle, otherwise empty house
Most satisfying non-post: "After"


Anonymous JH said...

How dare you. I thought after our heart to heart last night (FOTC)you would see how much that missing "After" is hurting me.


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