17 November 2006

Can I Possibly Make It Through This Day?

Not so much because it's hard, but because it's the last day of class before good ole Thanksgiving break. Ya know. Huge birds hacked to bits and all that. I have half a mind to paint my bedroom before the new bed gets here. I came up with that little lightbulb about 1:30 last night, when I should have been sleeping. Not because the mattress was uncomfortable, but because I do that stay-awake thing sometimes. And now, I cannot write a blog entry with the least bit of coherence because I am still thinking about all the crap I have to get done before this semester is over, and hell, before I can graduate, and then oh my god I have to go house shopping. I wonder if I will go get a job after we move or be a stay-at-home dog mom, or a work-from-home writer/celebrity. I watched Oprah last night and it was about dream jobs and now I am thinking maybe instead of writing I want to be Annie Leibovitz and take pictures of even more famous than I people and then not have babies until I'm 50, instead of not at all, I mean. Then I come back to needing to clean my house, and goddammit I do not want to clean up. But Violet did clean out the bio hazard refrigerator, so I suppose I can be bothered this once. Clean houses are overrated, and here is how I know: I am healthy enough, and clearly the little bits of dust and rotten food particles have not floated through the air to where I could have inhaled them and then they would migrate to my brain and make me nuts. See? A crazy person couldn't have thought of that.


Blogger Hoban Family said...

Thanksgiving Break, yippie!!

Blogger Shara said...

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