02 November 2006

Are you talkin' ta me?

Coming: Best Schedule Ever! Monday? I sneeze at you. Wednesday? Ha ha. Friday? As if. Cupcakes, assuming nothing changes before next semester, I will have classes 2 days a week. That's right. 71% of the week, I will sleep in to my heart's desire and maybe read a little. 29% of the week, I will be in delightfully-titled courses. For instance: the Bible as Literature. What, you want to hear more? Modern and Contemporary Literature. Arts of Interpretation. History of Modern Philosophy. And--get this-- the Gangster Novel!

And--get this again--I actually will be taking classes from my 3 best teachers. The gods smile down upon me.


Blogger Hoban Family said...


Blogger Bug said...

Yes my child, sommen.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bats and eyes are fantastic; the gods are smiling on you. What more could you ask for?

Love the blog :~)

Blogger Riley said...

Raymond Chandler here you come.


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