07 October 2006

You're In Need of a Serious Attitude Adjustment

The truth of that statement hit me in the face yesterday when I got my first test back, marked with a big fat 84. As in percent. And that was with the extra credit. I am so very, very, ashamed. If I continue this course, it is inevitable that I will go from a really cool GPA to an average GPA, and I have spent too much time and effort to be happy with that. And so today, I am up early, I am getting my procrastination blogging out of the way, and I am going to study. I laugh in the face of "House Hunters." I sneeze at "Designed to Sell." Craigslist? We shall not meet again this weekend. And Realtor.com, PPMLS, and Netflix, I bid you farewell. I am a new person. Humiliation is quite the motivator.

And now a request of you, dear readers. Please tell me nice things about how I can, and should, get back on track, get those A's, stay on the honor roll, and graduate with applause and fanfare. I have but 3 short semesters to prove these first 5 weeks wrong. I can't very well keep writing about how much I suck. You will get tired of that, and I can't sustain my homemade logic much longer.


Blogger Riley said...

try not missing so many questions and you'll soon see you test scores rise - 84%??? what a loser

Blogger Bug said...

Yeah, thanks Riley. Great advice, coming from someone who can't differentiate between you and your.

Blogger Riley said...

actually, you test scores is correct according to the "Advanced Grammar and Usage" manual written by God herself.
you welcome


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