08 October 2006

You Will Be Pleased to Know

That I am only blogging while I wait for my art slides to print. That's right, my little cupcakes. Thanks to Riley, I now hope to get lots of questions right on my next test, and have come up with the novel idea of cheating. I am going to hide the answers in my brain.

As a side note, I am doing this from bed, because I can't stand up very well, or even sit comfortably without being propped up by pillows. I broke my back and my hamstrings yesterday saving the world. But this is ok, because it is cold, and so I'd likey be in bed anyway. My nose is cold. I hate winter.


Blogger Hoban Family said...

You poor thing. Do you need anything for your back and legs?

Blogger Riley said...

it's like I'm famous - thank you Rev. super Bug woman


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