17 October 2006

Winter Sucks!

[I shall now attempt to use reverse psychology on winter for my benefit.]

God, I bet Winter will try to snow so much that my art midterm tomorrow is cancelled. I really want to go and take that test, because I know that I will do so very well on it, since I have been studying so hard and keeping up with the reading. That would really ruin my chances of doing well this semester if I couldn't go take my midterm. I sure hope the forecasters are wrong, and that instead of snowing 1-3" like they are predicting, it will not snow at all, and I definitely hope that it will not snow so much that the school is forced to close. That would be a shame.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea for the Bug! You will be fine and in fact do wonderfully! mgm

Anonymous Catnip said...

Not very anonymous, Anonymous......

To Bug: Sure, why not?
Winter is commonly known to be highly vulnerable to reverse psychology. (Definitely don't give it any compliments.) Great idea!

Blogger Riley said...

Art Midterm? is that who can roll the smoothest J?

Blogger Riley said...

Sorry, the only reason I know is 'cuz I fucking aced that class. Bonnnggggg!


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